We’ve been talking a lot lately about winter travel and how to stay safe on the road. As we thought more and more about it, we figured there’s one more thing we could talk about. What do you need if an accident or storm happens and you can’t avoid it? So, with that in mind, here’s what we think you need in your winter travel safety kit.

The Items

Ice Scraper

This is a commonly missed item because people live in warm climates and don’t need them. When traveling though, you will probably be exposed to things you don’t encounter at home. Make sure you have a sturdy ice scraper. It takes up a small amount of room but does a big job.

Spare Phone Charger

In the modern world, your cell phone is your key to rescue and emergency services. Make sure you have a spare charger in the car in case something goes wrong with your normal one. Better safe, and on a working phone, than worry without one.

LED Flashers or Flares

You need to be visible to be rescued, so it’s important to have one of these items to increase your visibility.

Food and Water

It’s easy to forget this because you honestly don’t think you’ll be out very long. In the event you need to be rescued due to winter weather, it could take hours to get to you. At the same time, if you are running the heat in your car you could be dehydrating yourself and not even knowing. Have some non-perishable items and some bottled water available for emergencies.

Things to Keep You Warm

Just like we said above, you might be waiting for a while, so you should have items to keep you warm. Hand warmers, thick blankets, good socks, caps, and anything else you can think of to stay warm and wait it out. There’s no guarantee your heater will work, so play it safe.

Windshield De-Icer

Having a spare bottle of this handy solution can not only help you see by keeping your windshield free and clear in winter storms, it can also be used to melt ice from frozen car parts or even the road.


A basic classic that is good for so many things. Keep a small, foldable version of this versatile tool in the trunk for emergencies.

Drive Safely and Happy Holidays!!!

The team at Fender Mender wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope all of your travel is joyous and safe. If something does go wrong though, and you find yourself in need of expert bodywork, we’re here to help. Find a location near you here.