Winter is a time full of peril for your paint job. Snow, ice, ash, and road salt can all have major impacts on that beautiful paint and that means an impact on your wallet. For some people, this is a reality of where they live. For others, these are concerns that come with those annual holiday trips to visit family. Even if you avoid those, the freak winter storm can always happen. So what do you do? We took some time to think about it and came up with some winter protection tips for your paint.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Keeping your car clean is important all year round, but it is even more important during winter. Many transportation departments use rock salt or salt brine to alleviate winter weather road conditions. These can be incredibly damaging to your paint, as well as other parts of your car. The easiest way to deal with them is simple, wash your car often. Generally, a once a week wash will help your car, as long as you are driving in these conditions. Don’t forget the undercarriage though because of all the damage salt can have there.

Wax It

Washing is a great way to get salt and dirt off of your car. Waxing is a great way to create a protective barrier for your car. The wax will help protect your paint, but wax does wear off, and winter weather conditions can speed that up. Make certain you are keeping up with regular waxing of your car during winter weather conditions. As an added tip, take a little extra time with your headlights as this will keep snow from sticking to them.

Watch Where You Park

It seems so simple. Watching where you park can save you a lot of work and potential damage. If you park along the side of the road, or by a large snowbank, for example, you will find that snow and salt are more likely to hit your car. Putting your car in a garage, or at least in a driveway, are a great way to help prevent some of this exposure and save your paint job.

Bring Back That New Car Shine

At Fender Mender, we offer top-of-the-line auto painting services to make your car look as great, or even better than it did the day you bought it. Our advanced technology and experienced staff will match your vehicle’s paint color exactly to ensure you are getting the best quality work, every time. Contact us for a free estimate if you are interested in freshening up your paint job.