The pandemic has changed a lot of things. Many of the incredible car shows that people loved to attend have been canceled this year for safety concerns. Some people are even starting to wonder if they will come back. Regardless of those events and their future, what do you do in their place? How can you enjoy spending time with car enthusiasts and incredible automobiles in a post-pandemic world? Well, here’s a better question to ask. Why wait for the car show to come back?

Instead, take a look at some of these great events in the Charleston area where you can enjoy your love of cars instead.

Car Clubs

Are you passionate about a certain type of car? Well, you’re not alone. From British cars to Corvettes, there are a number of car clubs in the Charleston area that can help you meet other enthusiasts and develop your love of those machines even more. Membership requirements and events offered by these clubs vary, but there is always something going on so reach out and find more information.

To learn more about area car clubs, take a look here.

Cars and Coffee

This less formal gathering is held in locations around Charleston and the Lowcountry. They usually take place in a business parking lot on weekend mornings, there is one happening almost every single weekend of the month in some location or another. The event is free and it’s a great chance to get out there and see some incredible cars and people in a safe environment. Don’t forget to bring your own coffee.

For more information on these gatherings take a look at these links:

We are Your Auto Repair Source

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