We’ve all been there. You take your car in for repairs. The shop gives you an estimate. Maybe you don’t like that one, or someone tells you about another shop, so you go to get a second opinion. They give you an estimate, but this one is different from the other estimate. Getting different estimates for the same repairs can create stress, confusion, and anxiety for car owners. Why do estimates vary? Here’s an answer for you.


One easy reason that estimates can vary is the grade of materials used in repairs. The parts and materials needed to repair your vehicle are not all created equally. Your shop may be using higher quality components when they make the repair. This can easily create a higher cost. The shop may also have a better supply chain, getting those same materials at a lower price. Take some time to ask questions about the materials used and feel free to do some research.


More experienced technicians cost more. Like your doctor or lawyer, a repair tech with years of experience is more valuable than one brand new to the trade. The amount of experience at a body shop can often increase the cost of labor and the price for you. While it sounds better to pay less, you also want to make sure you’re getting the best work done.


A top quality repair can cost you more as well. Take a moment and look at your shop. Repair shops with amazing track records and quality may likely charge you more. This is the same thing as the experience of technicians. You need to decide how to balance cost and results. Take the time, do the research, and make the right choice for you and your car.

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