We’re not strangers to floodwaters here in the Lowcountry. Rising waters, and the dangers associated with them, are a fact of life for us, especially during hurricane season. Nothing can be more stressful than dealing with the aftermath of a flooded vehicle. It’s hard for most people to know what to do if your car floods. The last thing you want to do is try and scramble for information when facing damage, so we took the time to share these tips with you.

Don’t Start the Car

If your car has been exposed to flood waters the worst thing you can do is try to start it. At this point you don’t know the exposure to water your car is facing. Starting the car if there is water in the engine or the intake could cause incredible damage and render the car completely unusable. Resist the urge to move your car and take the time to evaluate the damage. In the event you need it moved, seek a tow company to help you with the movement.

Assess the Damage

Here’s a tip. Take a look at the side of your car for the water line left by mud and debris. This will give you an idea of how far up the water went and what damage you may be facing. If the water didn’t go over the floorboards, you’re probably okay. On the other hand, if water has reached the dashboard, you’re most likely looking at a totaled vehicle. This won’t reveal all of the damage, but it’s a great place to start.

Review Your Insurance

Take a moment and review what is covered under your insurance policy. Comprehensive policies should have coverage for flooding, but make sure you know what’s covered. Take this time and it will help you better understand what you’re looking at when it comes to repairs.

Call in the Experts

Ultimately, if your car has been flooded, you need to call in the experts. Trained, experienced, and skilled technicians will be better able to tell exactly what was damaged, how badly, and will be able to help you make repairs that you need.

We are Your Auto Repair Source

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