Dent repair. No one wants to ever go through it, but how much do you know about it. For many, the simple concept of dent repair conjures images of large bills, long time frames, and full-body shops with paint and lots of people preparing for the work. But not all dent repair needs to be that complicated. Actually, paintless dent repair can be a faster, easier means for many dents. But what is paintless dent repair? We’re glad you asked.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is a method for repairing dents that completes the project in a fraction of the time of traditional repair. It’s a relatively simple process of identifying the dent, gaining access to it through the panel or light removal, and then slowly restoring the dented surface to its original condition. The method is more gentle and can often be completed the same day depending upon the amount and degree of damage.

What kind of damage can be repaired?

Obviously, paintless dent repair is going to have some limitations. A lot of its efficacy depends on the nature of the dent. The technique can repair damage ranging from small dents to large creases, especially when the paint isn’t damaged. Hail damage is a great example of the kind of damage that can be repaired by this technique.

Why use paintless repair as opposed to traditional?

Traditional dent repair is sometimes the only viable solution to a problem. That said, oftentimes paintless dent repair can provide a longer-lasting solution by addressing the actual damage rather than handling it with fillers and paint to merely restore the original appearance. Paintless repair restores the underlying shape and structure, providing a much more foundational repair for applicable cases.

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