The summer is underway and the lockdowns have started to lift. This means more of us are on the road, getting out of our homes and trying to get out into the world. A lot of attention is given to the precautions you need to take out in public, to social distancing, and the like, but that’s not the only thing you need to be aware of. With the increase in traffic and a little bit of cabin fever, the roads can be pretty dangerous. They already are when the summer season approaches, but now the world’s a little more complicated. It’s definitely time for some defensive driving.

What is defensive driving? Simple. It’s a few pretty simple things.

Remain Aware

We often drive and think we’re more aware than we are. For example, has a car ever come up beside you from your blind spot and caused you to jump a bit? Probably. It’s happened to all of us. Your awareness slips, especially as you drive for longer periods of time. But remaining aware is a key component to defensive driving. Being aware of your surroundings will help you anticipate dangerous situations and help you arrive at your destination safely.

Watch Your Speed

Let’s all admit one thing. We’re all speeders. It’s true. Most of us will brake the limit for any of a number of reasons. But what you may not be considering is something beyond the ticket price if you get caught. Human reaction speed is only so quick. As a general rule of thumb, it takes between 3 and 5 seconds for you to react and stop your car on the highway. The faster we go, the longer it will take for you to slow down and avoid a collision. Think about it. The couple of saved seconds may not be worth the consequences.

Stay Focused

Just like being aware, it’s important to stay focused. There are thousands of distractions you can face when driving. Text messages, passengers, phone calls, the music, or just daydreaming can all create incredible hazards while you’re driving. Eliminate the hazards by turning your phone off, keeping your passengers calm, and taking breaks when you feel like you’ve been driving too long. Your focus will be critical in responding to situations that arise on the road.

We know it seems simple, but often the simple things can save your life. While you and your loved ones are venturing out post-lockdown, don’t forget to take your time and drive defensively. We think you’ll thank us for that.

And, if something does happen, don’t worry. We’re right here to help.

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