We’re in the middle of hurricane season and that means preparation. We review our plans for our family and our home, but what do we do for our car? Severe weather is always a danger for your property, but with these quick tips to prepare and protect your car you should weather the storm like a pro. Here are our tips for Protecting Your Car: Hurricanes and Beyond!

Park Safely

Severe weather can cause all kinds of damage. Trees can fall down, roads can flood, and hail can fall. One of the best things you can do to protect your car is to make certain you park your vehicle in a safe place. Seek an elevated spot away from trees and power lines, or under a protective cover in a garage. This will help you minimize your car’s exposure to damage.

Remove the Extras

There are so many extras you can add to your car. Racks for bikes or other outdoor equipment and many other items can become dangerous in high winds. Take a moment to remove these extra pieces. This little bit of foresight will not only protect your vehicle but also other people during severe weather events.

Review Your Coverage

Insurance policies can be complicated. Some things are covered while others aren’t. Taking a moment to clarify if hurricane damage, or damage from other severe weather, is covered is vital. It only takes a few moments, but you’ll be happy you took them if you need to file a claim.

Take Pictures

The harsh reality is that, with all of the protective measures in the world, your car could still be damaged by severe weather. That’s why we have auto insurance. Hurricanes give a great deal of notice, many events don’t, but you should still take the time to take detailed photos of the interior and exterior of your car.

We are Your Auto Repair Source

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