We’re about halfway through hurricane season, but this isn’t the time to rest just yet. Often the second half of the season is more active, and thus more dangerous, than the beginning of it. While we’ve covered a lot about flooding streets and how to deal with hurricane damage to your car, we haven’t really talked a lot about how to prepare your care for a hurricane. With that in mind, here are a few tips on prepping your car for these storms.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Go

One of the best ways to keep your car from being impacted by a severe storm is to simply not be there. With a strong enough storm evacuation is often necessary. The problem is that we’re often not ready to leave when that order comes. In preparation for such an occurrence, make sure you’re gas is topped off, oil is good, and your battery is functioning properly. Monitor the storm services to see what’s coming and help prepare as well.

Take Photos

Taking photos of your car is incredibly helpful. Should you suffer damage to your vehicle, filing a damage claim will be made much easier with a good set of interior and exterior before photos. Make sure they are safe and backed up as well for convenience.

Park Safely

Sometimes you just have to ride out a storm. In this event, your best bet is to park smart. Find a location above potential flooding, away from trees, and preferably sheltered. This will help minimize damage as much as possible to your vehicle should you end up staying put.

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