While the year is coming to an end, COVID-19 is still a reality for most of us. Vaccines are rolling out and it does look like things will get better, but that will take some time and there are still lives to be lived. One of the questions we encountered recently was how do you social distance after an accident? It’s a good question and we wanted to take a moment to provide you with a good answer. So, here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Text Info

Exchanging info with other drivers is standard procedure following an accident. It’s also a time when we’re used to coming into contact with others. However, given this pandemic, how do you safely exchange information? Simple. Text your information to others involved in the accident. Have them text you theirs as well. This was you have a good, safe record of the information without the contact. One extra bonus, you don’t have to try and decipher someone’s handwriting.

Take Photos

Taking photos of the resulting damage is always something you should do, but this is doubly true now. If you’re trying to keep your distance and stay safe then you won’t find yourself up close with damage to any vehicle involved. Taking photos is a great way to keep safe and have a good record of the actual damages. You can also use this for insurance and driver’s license information. Just make sure to place it on a flat surface when taking the picture.

Use a Trusted Body Shop

When it comes time to get your car repaired you should always work with a trusted body shop. We’ve covered how you should go about selecting a body shop before. Calling them, looking at reviews, and getting estimates are all great. However, while you’re asking about the parts used and the practices of the shop, go ahead and ask about what they do to keep you safe during the pandemic. Always go to a shop you trust.

We are Your Auto Repair Source

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