One of the single most destructive elements for your car is water. That comes as a surprise to some people because we generally think of water as harmless. But here in the Lowcountry, we’ve learned that water can damage all parts of the car in some incredible ways. One of the most problematic is the number of vehicular water hazards we face here. In an effort to help you keep your car and yourself safe, here are some common hazards and how to avoid them. Remember; don’t go in the water…with your car.

King Tides

One of the unique phenomena we deal with in this area is exceptional king tides. These tidal rises can increase the water level so high that it floods downtown streets, even ones you would consider more inland. Awareness is actually the best way to deal with this one. Know where you’re going and be aware of the tides. Local news stations are very good at reminding us of these tides. In the event you encounter these rising waters, avoid them. You don’t know how deep they are and the damage isn’t worth the risk.

Coastal Flooding

King tides are definitely a problem, but the coast can flood without them. Combining normal rising tides with what might seem like moderate rain can actually create a lot of problems on some of the lower-lying streets in Charleston. Again awareness is the secret here. Now alternate paths should the water rise and don’t try to drive through water that you don’t know the depth of.


Perhaps the most famous hazard down here is hurricanes. Not only are the rising waters a problem, but increased winds also present a danger. Ultimately, there are no guarantees during a hurricane. Park your car in a safe place, avoid being under trees, and consider parking it on higher ground if your area is prone to flooding. Should you end up with a car in the water, wait and assess the damage before you try and drive it out.

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