It’s a New Year and it’s time for the formation of resolutions. There are so many types of resolutions from losing weight to reading more books that it can leave you wondering what resolutions you should make for yourself. We have a suggestion. Consider these 5 New Year’s car care resolutions to help make 2021 a better year for you and your vehicle.

Take Care of Your Car

Cars require maintenance. The amount of effort you put into keeping up with that maintenance is directly related to how the car will operate. Oil, brake pads, tires, and even washing your car are all critical to increasing the longevity of your vehicle. This year don’t neglect your car’s maintenance. Be proactive and help your car be the best it can be in 2021!

Learn Some Basic Car Maintenance

Are you tired of scheduling appointments and spending the extra money for your monthly oil change? Maybe this is the year you learn to handle those maintenance tasks yourself. Changing your oil and air filter, checking your tire pressure, and maintaining the battery are all tasks you can easily learn and handle on your own. This will help you be more connected with your vehicle and saving you money all at the same time.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your car has multiple benefits. It improves the interior appearance and provides ready access to the important documents and items you might need. Take some time and decide what you really need to have in the car, and then clean out the clutter and the trash. Once you’ve fully cleaned the interior, consider keeping a small trashcan in the car to help keep it clean.

Pay Attention to the Road

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents and fatalities. Texting, checking email, eating, personal grooming, checking your email, and all of the assorted tasks we perform every day can often be more dangerous than we think when we’re behind the wheel. This year put the distractions aside and pay attention. It may save your car. It may even save a life.

Be More Courteous

2020 was a trying year. The difficulties that arose from the pandemic, and the new way of life that accompanied them, pushed all of us to new levels of stress. For many people, this meant that we became a little less courteous and kind. It’s not 2020 anymore. In 2021 practice some more courtesy for fellow drivers. Don’t tailgate them or drive too aggressively. Have patience with others even if you don’t think they’re driving well. It’s not just for them. Practicing this kind of courtesy will keep you more calm and relaxed, keeping you safer on the road.

We are Your Auto Repair Source

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