Prepare for Cooler Weather with Winter Auto Tips!

Get your vehicle ready for the cooler weather with our winter auto tips! Follow this simple advice to
keep your car safe and efficient when colder weather approaches.

With this weekend, we saw the arrival of the fall season. However, the weather in South Carolina did not
feel very autumnal with highs in the 80’s holding strong. Within a few months cooler weather will roll in
and settle in the Lowcountry, and with it brings new tasks for your vehicle. Your Fender Mender team is
here to help you keep your car looking and running great, no matter the season!

Check Under the Hood

While the weather is pleasant and before the holiday rush swarms the streets, get your oil changed and
your hoses and fluids checked. You’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in top shape to save you from
getting stranded on a cold day or when your schedule is particularly packed.

Colder weather can cause your belts to tighten and over time, belts wear down and become weak.
While you’re having your oil changed, get your belts checked as well. Are your fluids topped off? Your
antifreeze is especially important during the winter weeks, so ensure your levels are good to go.

Winter auto tips


While under the hood, take a look at your battery. The posts and connections should be tightly
connected without corrosion. Have your batter tested for its ability to hold a charge and avoid the need
to get a jump in the middle of a blustery day.


Along with a well-maintained engine, your vehicle relies on good tires to get you from point A to B.
Make sure your tires have proper tread and pressure. Use our handy penny test to check the right
amount of tread.

Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency kit in case you do get stranded. We may not live in an area where blizzards
hit but we do get into freezing weather. A few items will go a long way when you are waiting for
roadside assistance to arrive. Make sure you have these items in your vehicle before the winter months arrive:

– Ice scraper
– Flashlights
– Jumper cables
– Tire gauge
– Spare tire
– First-aid kit
– Blankets
– Extra clothes
– Water and non-perishable food
– Flares
– Paper towels
– Fender Mender shop contact information

When you need help, we can get your vehicle back on the road in less time and with better results. Trust
your Fender Mender experts to keep your ride smooth. You depend on your vehicle to keep you going,
and you can depend on us as well!