The holiday season is upon us and most of us are already in the swing of the season. There are so many great parts of the holidays with family, food, football, fun, lights, and so much more. Unfortunately, there are also some negative parts of the season as well. Specifically, car theft and burglary can really ruin your holiday time. Even the threat of them can make you nervous enough to ruin the best time. In recent years car theft has seen an increase nationwide and with that in mind, we wanted to share with you our top ways to prevent car theft/burglary.

Always Lock Your Car

One of the simplest ways to prevent car theft is by making certain your car is always locked. A thief needs only a few moments to steal your car or take valuables from it. Even if you’re only stopping at your home for a moment, lock your vehicle. It only takes a second and it will provide a quick and generally effective means of protection.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

Some of the most effective solutions are the simplest. In addition to constantly locking your car, not leaving valuables in an unattended vehicle will also help prevent theft and burglary. Thieves generally are looking for items of value and leaving them in the car, especially visibly, will provide a tempting target.

Make Sure Alarms are Operational

Most cars come standard with an alarm these days, but it’s not uncommon for the alarm to be broken and the owner to not notice. Take a moment and check to make sure your alarm is operational. It might be a bit embarrassing for one moment while testing, but it will help make certain that if a thief does try to force entry your alarm will sound.

Leave It with Someone You Trust

A very common scenario for car theft involves people travelling and leaving their car behind. The best option for your car when you are travelling is to leave it with someone you trust. Alternatively, find a safe and reputable garage to park in during your travels. Taking a moment to find safe storage for your car while travelling for the holidays can be key to a happy return home.

In the end, there is no guarantee against theft, but you can take steps like these to increase your chances against thieves and burglars. So take a few moments, lock up, and think prevention. You’ll thank us later.

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