The South Carolina Lowcountry is some of the most beautiful country to drive through in the world. With picturesque towns and so much of the natural splendor left undisturbed, it seems so magical you wonder if anything bad could happen. We don’t want to ruin this amazing landscape for you, but whether you’re a brand new driver, or just new to this region, we wanted to share some tips to keep you safe and help you enjoy. Take a look at these tips for new Lowcountry drivers and enjoy the drive!

1. Stay Focused

We said it before, and we’ll say it again, this is some of the most beautiful country to drive through anywhere in the world. The problem is that drivers will find themselves easily distracted on the road taking in the view. With so many great things to see, it’s important to remember to stay focused on the road. It’s simple really. If you want to take a closer look, find a spot to safely park and take it in. You’ll enjoy it more and you’ll be a lot safer.

2. Watch for Wildlife

The coastal environment of the Lowcountry is a unique place. Saltwater enters the estuary, entering the freshwater pathways of the east coast, and providing a place for all sorts of wildlife to meet. From deer and possums to gators, we have all kinds of wildlife, and a collision with them can be really damaging. Keep an eye open for the local wildlife; it’s better for them and for you.

3. Know the Flooding

This area is famous for coastal flooding. The low-lying nature of the land and the combination of storm activity/tidal waters can create a real problem when driving. Take the time to learn the lay of the land. Know the roads that flood, the routes that become impassable, and set alternative plans for travel just in case. Also, remember to never drive down a road you don’t know when flood conditions are present. What looks like a little water can be deeper than you think, and can destroy your car.

4. Take a Break for the Rain

While we’re on the topic of flooding and storms, let’s talk about driving in the rain. The rain in the Lowcountry can be a serious potential hazard. What was a light drizzle can easily turn into a downpour you can’t see in. Bottom line, getting to your destination safely is more important than being there quickly. If rains are coming down too hard for you to safely drive, slow down and find a safe place to stop and wait them out. If you’re somewhere safe already, don’t take the chance, wait for the storm to pass.

5. Save Space for Reaction

Some of the roads in the Lowcountry were designed in a time when the traffic was less. They may not have great visibility for merging traffic or turns. This is important for you as a driver to understand. Give yourself plenty of time to react to situations on the road whether you’re driving alone or with other vehicles on the road. Situations can sneak up on you and you need the time to react.

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