We all love the summer, but the heat can be a little much. Nothing can ruin a great day quite as much as getting into your car and feeling the heat. With that in mind, here are some Super Efficient AC Tips to help you stay cool through the end of the summer.

1 – Skip the Pre-Cooling

We’ve all done this one. We start the car and sit there for a moment, door wide open, waiting for the AC to kick in. The only problem is that you’re wasting gas and time. The pre-cooling strategy just doesn’t work. The fact is that the faster your engine turns, the faster your AC compressor runs, letting your car cool more effectively. So get in and go. It’ll cool down.

2 – Check the Air Filter

A dirty cabin air filter can restrict the flow of air, thus making your AC less efficient. In many cars, this filter is easily accessible and replaceable. So take a moment and check the filter. If you see a bunch of dirt all over it, it’s time to change it. If you can’t get to it easily or have questions about it, ask an automotive professional.

3 – Park Smart

As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.” The same goes for your AC. The warmer the interior of the car becomes, the more work the AC system has to do, and the less efficient it will be. When the time comes to park your car, pick a shady spot, and let the AC system work a little less hard for a much better result.

4 – Don’t Ignore Leaks

A common misconception is that when the coolant in your AC system is low, you just refill it. The problem is, your AC system is sealed so nothing should be coming out of it. If your refrigerant is low, visit a qualified technician so you can fix the problem and get your AC back to working.

Follow these quick practical tips and you will find your AC is working better, and those drives on hot summer days are a bit cooler. With easy maintenance, you can keep your vehicle running smooth for years to come! Bring your car by a local Fender Mender shop and we will be happy to check every component and consult with you on the best way to keep your car well maintained.