The cold, bitter winter weather is brutal on the roads and your car, which is why springtime is the most vital time for automotive care. Chances are you did not clean or maintain your car as much as you should have because, let’s face it, it was cold outside, and no one wants to be out working on the car in the cold. Though once it warms up, it is important to get out there and do a check-up on your vehicle.

Spring Auto Tips

Interior & Exterior

Give your car a little spring cleaning by taking out any trash, vacuuming the inside, shampooing the seats, and cleaning the windows. Then, grab the hose and remove all that leftover salt, road grime, and debris that has built up over the winter months.

Tire Pressure

In the winter, the cooler air temperature causes the air pressure in your tires to decrease. This means you probably filled up the tires a little over the winter months. Then in the springtime as the temperature gets warmer, the tire pressure increases again. Check your tire pressure to make sure it is within manufacturer’s standards. If it is not, it can severely affect your car’s drivability and fuel economy.

Wiper Blades

The cold air can be rough on those rubber wiper blades, so be sure to check them for any signs of cracking or wear. You will want to have those in perfect working order for the upcoming spring showers.

Under the Hood

Pop open the hood and make sure your engine made it through the bitter winter alright. Specifically, check the belts and hoses to ensure they have not gotten brittle or are heavily worn. Also, make sure your coolant is full and fresh to keep your engine from overheating as the temperatures rise.

Alignment and Suspension

Winter weather is known to be hard on roads; causing huge potholes, and rocks in the road which can damage your car’s alignment and suspension components. We recommend taking your vehicle to a mechanic to double check the alignment and suspension and make sure you are still good to go.

Follow these few simple tips to maintain your car in order to keep it in the best condition for the longest time. If you feel like your car is looking dull after the winter, check out Fender Mender’s automotive painting program. We will bring back that new-car-shine and have you loving your car again!