Lessons Learned from Vintage Auto Repair

This time of year always brings up visions of black and white photographs from years past. While the auto repair industry has made great strides in methods, technology, and tools, a few constants remain. Customer service, reliability, and consistency all remain guiding tenets for any auto repair business. As we acknowledge the innovation of the present, we look back on the past as a way to honor the origins of this great industry. Plus, the images are pretty cool to look at.

vintage auto repair

Safety First

Safety standards have evolved to include laws, regulations, and methods to keep the shop safer. We learned from the mistakes and methods of the past to be where we are today.

vintage auto repair

The Shop Floor

The shop floor is an important place. The area needs to be clean, organized, and have a well-designed flow to allow work to be done efficiently. Not much has changed in this regard from our auto repair origins.

vintage auto repair

Tools of the Trade

An auto repair tech is only as good as his tools. This remains as true now as it did in the early years of auto repair. We are seriously impressed with this tool board! Well-made, organized tools allow us to do our work quickly and provide consistently great results.

vintage auto repair

Body Work

Body work has improved and evolved as automotive frames and tools have changed. Thanks to the introduction of paintless dent repair, we can fix most minor dents and dings quite easily.

vintage auto repair

Community & Family

Traditionally, auto repair shops have been established members of a community. Repairing the vehicles of our neighbors is a big responsibility and repair shops don’t take this lightly. We have been a part of the Charleston area for over 30 years, servicing vehicles of our neighbors. We want the best for our community, the mark of a great auto repair business since the beginning.

vintage auto repair

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Team Work

A shop runs on a well-oiled team. The most important part of any business is the people. To provide consistently great service and reliable repair, we bring on highly-trained and skilled employees. Throughout the generations, you can’t overestimate the value of a great team!

The history of auto repair teaches us many lessons and remains a guiding light as we move into the future of collision repair and body work. The evolution of materials, technology, tools, methods, and laws has changed the landscape of auto repair. Yet, several tenets remain – quality service, team work, and consistent and reliable repair. Choose Fender Mender and you will find no matter the job, we are guided by these shining qualities.