It’s almost summer – time to take a step back from the daily grind and get on the road with some friends and family for an awesome vacation. Before you go, there are a few very important things you should check on your vehicle to ensure you won’t end up stopped on the side of the interstate with your flashers on in the rain. Let Fender Mender help you prepare for this summer with these quick and easy tips!

Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

1. Windshield Wipers
Testing your windshield wipers is super easy! Trigger your washer fluid and watch to see if the wipers are leaving lines on your windshield or if they are clearing the water from your windshield. You can purchase new wipers at any auto parts store or box store with an automotive department. Some places will even install them for you.

2. Tires
There are 2 things you should check on your tires before you get on the road. First, grab a penny and a quarter and look at the tread. Check out this article from Tire Rack that explains what you are looking at and how to use the coins to determine if your tires are in good condition. In any case, it might not be a bad idea to take your car to your local maintenance shop and see if it’s about time for your ride to get some new shoes!

Second, grab a gauge and check the tire pressure. Your tires should be properly inflated and in good condition before you get on the road. Somewhere on your vehicle, most likely the driver’s side door jamb or in your owner’s manual, it will tell you the optimal psi for your tires. Inflate or deflate, as needed.

3. Fluids
There are 6 essential fluids in your car that should be checked regularly, but specifically, before you go on a long road trip: engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid. These should all be topped off or changed it they are dirty or contaminated. Check out this article from Popular Mechanics to learn how to tell if it is time to change these fluids in your car.

4. Air Conditioner
There is nothing worse than your air conditioner going out in the middle of the summer heat. If you have noticed a decline in the cold air coming out of your vents or just want to double check that it will be working through your vacation, check out these step-by-step instructions from A/C Pro to diagnose your AC unit before taking it to the shop.

Summers at Fender Mender

If you are interested in an updated paint job or have a dent you have been wanting to get fixed but haven’t had the time, contact your local Fender Mender and schedule an appointment to get it done. You tend to have some more flexible time in the summer to knock out those car repairs you’ve been meaning to do since they happened. Not quite ready to commit to spending money on the aesthetics of your car? It doesn’t even cost a penny to request an estimate!