Did you know you have a right to choose your auto repair shop? We’ve covered the steps you should take right after an accident. In the chaos that often ensues after a crash, you may be confused and overwhelmed. Knowing what to do right after an accident is important to prevent further damage and costs. This is why we recommend reviewing these steps now, so you are prepared when that time comes.

The confusion and hesitation can persist after the crash has been cleared and your car is on the tow truck. You’re on the phone with your insurance agent and they recommend taking your vehicle to their “preferred” collision repair shop. Putting your trust in your insurance company, you go along.

While these shops may be reputable and provide quality results, you need to know that you have a right to choose your auto repair.

Insurance and Auto Repair Shops

Insurance companies often work with collision repair shops in what is called a Direct Repair Program (DRP). “A DRP is a network of auto repair shops and dealerships approved by an insurer,” according to the Insurance Information Institute. These businesses have been reviewed by the insurance company and meet their marks for training and equipment. Negotiating labor rates and replacement parts costs helps to lower costs for the insurance company, in exchange for a monthly estimated influx of business to the auto body shops.

Choose your auto repair

Electing to take your vehicle to your insurance carrier’s preferred auto shop can be beneficial. You know the shop has been reviewed by your insurer and they have done the work to lower costs. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on all work. Going with a shop in your insurer’s DRP could also speed up the claims process since they have a partnership and work together often. They could be great. But why settle on “could?”

Choose Your Auto Repair Shop

With Fender Mender you will have great service with reliable results. We have over 30 years of experience working with all insurance companies and repairing collision damage. From start to finish we handle your entire insurance claim. Have your vehicle towed to one of our 7 convenient locations, and your insurance adjuster can inspect it right at our shop. Each Fender Mender shop is located near an Enterprise Rental facility. And we offer a lifetime guarantee on all work for as long as you own your vehicle.

You have a right to choose your auto repair shop. The Direct Repair Programs are built to provide efficient and cost-saving partnerships to keep insurance companies competitive. While this can provide benefits for everyone involved, it can also be a gamble. With Fender Mender, you know you are receiving reliable, quality repair and your insurance claim is taken care of. You can come by or go online for a free estimate, too. The choice is yours to make, make a good one!