Everyone Loves Good Car Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good hack? From saving money, time, and your sanity, clever hacks are always appreciated. We scoured the web for the best car hacks just for you. Check them out below and you can thank us later!

Silicone Muffin Liners in Cup Holders

Do you hate the ring of sticky dried coffee and dirt that gets caught in the bottom of your cupholders? It seems impossible to clean. Thankfully, this clever hack can prevent this! Place silicone muffin cups in the bottom of your cupholders to catch spills, dirt, and loose change. The durability and elasticity of the silicone makes this a perfect solution.

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Cereal Dispenser Trash Can

A sturdy, plastic cereal dispenser offers a perfect solution for your car trash. With a lid that pops open, you can contain a mess easily. Take it a step further and line the container with a plastic trash bag.

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Shoe Organizer for Easy Organization

For a cheaper alternative to the back-of-the-seat organizers, pick up an inexpensive shoe organizer and clip it to the back of your front row seats. Keep toys, water bottles, wipes, electronics, and more in one easy-to-reach place.

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Quick Video Full of Hacks

Easy Grocery Carry with Laundry Baskets

Leave a laundry basket or two in your trunk. When you pick up groceries, strategically place them in the baskets to keep them from rolling around and for easier carry into your house.

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Impromptu Smart Phone Holder

Keep your car from sliding around your car which takes your eyes off of the road with this ingenious and easy hack! Loop a rubber band through your dashboard vent and wrap each end over your phone. Voila! You have an easy and safe way to keep your phone in place.

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We want your ride to be as smooth and hassle free as possible. Along with easy and inexpensive hacks, regular maintenance and repair will help do just that. When accidents and damage happen to your vehicle, find your local Fender Mender shop and find quality repair you can depend on!