Technology Rules Automotive Trends

The new year brings new innovation and plenty of changes to the automotive industry. We live in a highly-connected, fast paced world. We are constantly “on” and auto manufacturers are onto this change in our social dynamic. Here are the biggest automotive trends of 2019.

We are all connected

Digital connectivity is so pervasive in our personal lives – from Alexa to smart fridges – that it makes sense this technological shift would make its way into our vehicles. Consumers expect 2019 models to come standard with Wi-Fi and other digital technologies. Many models now come equipped with a WiFi hotspot. For a small monthly fee, your car can provide internet connectivity that is impressively reliable. When you are traveling for business or for a family trip, you can now stream and download using your car instead of your mobile hotspot.

Other digital connectivity features include mobile apps, stolen vehicle tracking software, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree cameras, and more. These new features make driving safer, more efficient, and even more enjoyable than before. This level of connectivity and assistance is what we’ve come to expect from our devices and appliances. The auto industry is racing to keep up with this trend.

automotive trends

Buy Your Next Car Online

To stay on trend with digital technology, the future of car buying has made its way online as well. Today, you can research and buy a car online without ever stepping foot at a dealership. The car can be delivered right to your door. Websites like Carvana.commake buying your next car simple and painless. They even offer a car vending machine in major cities around the country.

automotive trends

Image source Carvana

Improving Safety and Driving Efficiency

The latest technological features equipped in 2019 models drastically lower fatalities and injuries involved in vehicle accidents. This is one area everyone can agree digital innovation is a benefit to the automotive industry.

Among the latest advancements is adaptive cruise control (acc). This technology uses sensors and radar to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. ACC uses the brakes and throttle to maintain the right speed and distance. It will even brake heavily and tighten seatbelts if it senses a possible collision. Other safety features include automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and safety exit assist. This technology stops vehicle passengers from opening doors when bicycles are approaching.

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