The Future of Automotive Features

The world of technological innovation is growing exponentially, impacting every area of our lives. This is especially evident in the automotive world. The latest innovations make driving safer, easier, and a lot more fun! Check out the best automotive features coming to vehicles everywhere, below.

Fingerprint or Eye Scan Entry

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Unlocking your car has evolved quite a lot already since the creation of locks and keys on car doors. From a metal key came the key FOB and passcode access. The latest innovation coming to open your doors? Fingerprint or eye scan entry, also known as biometric vehicle access. Biometric technology could actually be in the form of facial and voice recognition as well as fingerprint and retina.

These systems are considered to be highly accurate, increasing protection. Since the physical characteristics required for entry are unique to the owner, opening the car doors just got a lot harder for would-be thieves. Also, biometric vehicle access is easier and faster than traditional automotive entry processes.

Head-Up Display

automotive features

These active window displays appear on your windshield or a thin plastic lens, displaying a range of intel from speed to navigation. A major benefit of the HUD is being able to keep your head up and eyes on the road while determining your speed, directions, and more. While the concept for HUD is not new with the first iteration appearing in GM cars in 1988, this technology has advanced to meet the quality we’d expect of modern technology. The displays are larger, crisper, and more vibrant. Some HUD iterations feature smart-phone integration and augmented reality (AR). Keep an eye out for these displays as they are becoming more accessible, not just for luxury vehicles anymore!

The Future of Safety

You’ve likely seen or experienced the latest safety features integrated in modern vehicles like back-up cameras and lane-departure warnings. The future of safety in vehicles takes these features to the next level. Luxury vehicles such as Mercedes and Lexus have automatic steering avoidance where your car takes over and swerves to avoid hitting an object. Similarly, a safety feature we can expect to gain in popularity and available in more models is emergency stop assistance. In the event the driver becomes unresponsive, the vehicle will slow to a stop in its lane, turn on the hazard lights, and summon emergency services, according to USA Today.

On the Pulse of Automotive Repair

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