July, the height of summer, picnics, baseball, fireworks and the Fourth all remind us of our spirit as Americans. This is the time of year when we sit back with family and friends and remind ourselves of what that spirit is and what it means to each of us. For our team, these thoughts lead to the American automobile: and what it says about us, and who we are as a nation.


Few things are as freeing as driving down the open road, the wind passing over the smooth lines of your car or truck, miles and miles of road passing by on your summer journeys. We all remember when we were first able to drive and go out on our own, to wherever our hearts desired; and those memories echo with the sounds of fireworks on the Fourth of July.


Our cars are as unique as us. From the color and style, to the little touches like vanity plates, every single detail of your car seems to be a signal to the world about who you are. America is unique among nations, a place where freedom of the person is the primary value we seek to protect. Looking at the parade of colors on the road just helps remind us that more and more, no two vehicles are alike.

Hard Work

When we get up in the morning and step outside, we enter our car and head off to another day of work. Whether a simple sedan to get us from A to B, or a hardworking truck hauling not only ourselves but also the tools of our chosen trade, our vehicles are tied to our work and to providing. Just as this country was founded on hard work, on brave endeavors of ordinary people, our vehicles help us down that same road, on that same journey.

Fender Mender

The Fender Mender team wishes you the happiest of summer days with friends, family, and, that most American of icons, your car. We are the name in auto repair for the Charleston area. Whether you need paintless dent repair or full bodywork after an accident, contact us for a FREE estimate. Trust Fender Mender to keep your car on the road!