Latest Auto Tech Trends

As technology evolves and becomes ever more present in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that it’s playing a major role in how we use our vehicles. You’ve no doubt experienced some of the latest additions of automotive tech like lane departure warnings and park assist. Check out the latest auto tech trends that will be taking the auto industry by storm very soon.

Smart Phone Apps

With apps like Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, you can plug in your smartphone and have a familiar user interface appear on screen. With the easier to use screen, you can find and use various functions for your car like the radio, navigation, and climate control, faster and easier than before. Other smart phone options on the way include apps to unlock and start your car, honk the horn, and flash the lights, all remotely.

auto tech trends

Warning, Braking, and Steering

You’ve likely become familiar with functions such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warnings. Expect these features to become more advanced. You can also look forward to steering collision avoidance. With this feature, cars steer themselves to avoid an accident in addition to helping to guide you in your lane.

Beyond 360 Cameras

The introduction of the 360 camera, allowing you to see all areas around the outside of your vehicle, increased safety and convenience for drivers everywhere. Car makers are taking convenience a step further with several camera innovations coming to vehicles soon. From cameras that allow you to check on passengers, dashcam cameras that allow you to monitor a valet driving your vehicle, to cameras that replace your rearview mirror, be prepared for this technology to become a major function in your vehicle.

auto tech trends

Smart Phone Simplicity

Vehicles have become increasingly smart phone integrated, offering technology and systems that sync with your phone. With the coming technology, you can enjoy easier and more reliable smart phone connectivity. Pairing the Bluetooth from your phone to your vehicle will soon only involve a quick tap of your phone on a spot on the dashboard. Speaking of wireless, charging your smart phone in your vehicle will soon go wireless. With a charging pad in the center console, you can simply place your phone on the pad and forget it! You’ll no longer have to worry about charging cords and USB ports.

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