The time has come. Your teenager is about to make that transition from passenger to driver. If you’re like most parents, you’re probably wondering what do I tell my child to prepare them for this responsibility? With so many points to be made, which ones do you focus on? Don’t worry, here are the four tips we think you should pass on to your teen before they get behind the wheel.

Get Rid of the Devices

It’s no surprise that your teen probably loves their devices. But as much as they love them, these devices represent one of the greatest dangers on the road. They create a major distraction while driving; taking our eyes off of the road for the vital few seconds that can cause an accident. Talk to your teen about this, and set up simple, clear rules. Have them turn the phone off, and put it away while driving. Out of sight, out of mind.

Distraction = Disaster

Distracted driving is so important we list it twice. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration estimates that 3,166 people were killed as a result of distracted drivers. Remind your teenager that distractions don’t just come from phones, but also from passengers, being too tired to drive, sights along the road, etc. Remind them to stay focused and get off the road for a break if they find themselves distracted.

Stress the Seatbelt

We’ve all heard the old advice, “always fasten your seatbelt.” It’s probably the most consistently given piece of driving advice given, and it’s for a very good reason. The CDC points out that over half of car crash fatalities are related to drivers and passengers not wearing their seatbelt. Take a moment and talk to your teenager about the importance of the seatbelt. It only takes a second, but it could save their life.

Vehicle Reliability and Responsibility

Many teens are so worried about their license, that it becomes the focal point of driving for them. They forget that the vehicle is a huge part of driving, and that it comes with a lot of responsibility. When talking to your teen, take a moment to go over selecting reliable vehicles as well as the importance of consistent, regular maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable vehicle.

Fender Mender

Trust Fender Mender to make sure your teen’s car is in tip-top shape before they get on the road. If you are in a collision, bring your car to the experts. Your family’s safety is our utmost priority and we will ensure your car is repaired to your satisfaction and that of your insurance company. Send your teen out driving with peace of mind that they will be making it to their destination happily and safely. Contact us today!